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Plan NOW for 2014!!

It won’t be long before you will make your New Year’s resolution to get fit and lose a few kilo’s!!

Well what better way than with Canberra’s most awarded Boot Camp company “Succeed”

Book & pay NOW for 2014 and save $$$$

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Don’t forget you can start Boot Camp ANYTIME!! and incase you didn’t know yes you still have time to get a few sessions in before the Christmas break!!

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So why not try the “original Canberra indoor Boot Camp” that burns fat, and gets you fitter/faster/stronger than you though possible…

AM PROGRAMS – Mon/Wed/Fri (6am–7am) & Sat 8.30am

PM PROGRAMS - Tues/Thurs 6.30-7.30

Cost: New: $45 per week Renew: $35 per week
(upfront payment for the 4 weeks will attract a 10% discount)

Registrations are now being taken for all Succeed Boot Camp Canberra programs in 2014, simply:

Email: or

Call: 0487 223 322 and book, reserve and pay for  your spot at any one of the morning or evening sessions (information below).


Casual Visit Cost: $15 per session if you are NOT a Succeed Member (ask about our discounted membership options).

Yes you can join a Succeed Boot Camp Canberra session at any time on a pro rata rate (* conditions apply), and get yourself looking and feeling fantastic.

Why not let Canberra’s most awarded fitness company help guide you back into shape again. Whether it has been life, work, family etc getting in the way for the last 10 years, we at Succeed Boot Camp Canberra have the programs to suit your needs.

Do you find yourself on a roller coaster ride? Why is it that we continually get fit in summer yet fat in Winter?

Not only does it make it harder each year, but it also affects the rest of your life!! Work is never the same, your relationships with various people change, etc. Why is this? The answer is simple and it all has to do with the fact  that when you train you feel better (endorphins), have more energy, don’t get sick as often, have more patience, feel better in general which in turn reflects your daily moods.

Succeed Boot Camp is an energetic, results based fitness and fat loss workout program that includes motivation, accountability and all types of training, from cardio, strength, CrossFit type workouts to yoga; all designed to get you fitter/faster/stronger in a safe, fun and non-intimidating atmosphere.

Every session is led by an experienced, qualified trainer and is designed to be fun yet challenging, while burning maximum fat, in minimum time.

We realise that everyone is different,  which is why our workout programs are modified to fit your goals and individual fitness level.

But unlike working one-on-one with a personal trainer, our workout programs are done in a group setting which makes them fun, motivating, challenging AND it keeps the cost down for you!!

So what are you waiting for??

NOW is the time to make the change!! Remember, if nothing changes, nothing changes!!

To book please contact Kim on: 0487 223 322 or


*All classes dependent on numbers

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Summer is well and truly gone!! Why not make it different heading into this Summer, like you have promised yourself each year? The longer you leave it to get started back on the exercise regime the harder it will be…

When will you make it about YOU?? There will only ever be one of you and it is vital you look after yourself, and what better way that a structured fitness program with Canberra’s most awarded Boot Camp business!

How do you want to be remembered?

If you are a resident of Canberra and you have made the decision to get fit, then Succeed Boot Camp Canberra have the program for you, so make sure to read on…

Want to make a difference? Are you sick of struggling with:

→ looking in the mirror and seeing the same thing

→ The ‘I will train tomorrow’ syndrome, or it is too cold to train today

→ continual diets that just don’t work

→ The ‘I am too busy excuse’

→ Not fitting into your clothes

→ Too much stress which produces the fat storage hormone Cortisol

Well thanks to the Succeed Boot Camp Canberra… you no longer have to deal with those issues again!

• No more diets, just follow our basic nutritional guidelines and let the rest melt off in the Boot Camp Canberra workouts of around 800 calories per session

• At Succeed Boot Camp Canberra, we combine cardio, strength work, crossfit style programming, stomach flattening and butt toning exercises all into one

• Never be bored again with the same piece of equipment, you get the benefits of melting away the fat whilst having fun and meeting new friends, with a different session guaranteed each time you come to Boot Camp Canberra.

• We are here to help you get that body that you know you really want, so why not join Australia’s best Boot Camp and Personal Training Business for the last two years.


Think about this!

Can you picture how strong, fit, toned and healthy you will feel, now that you don’t have these struggles any more. No more worrying about the diet, not finding the time, no more getting bored…

Bootcamp Registrations are NOW being taken for our upcoming 12 week program. Book NOW Ph: 0487 223 322 and reserve your spot at any one of the morning, lunch or evening sessions

What have you got to lose?? In 10 or 12 weeks time you will be a little bit older and possibly a few  kilo’s heavier or with Succeed Boot Camp Canberra you could be 3 or 4 kg lighter (or more) and well on your way to your fitness goals and fitting into those swimmers for Summer. You decide what you would prefer?

Contact : to book in NOW!!!

Succeed Boot Camp Canberra Information

Succeed Personal Training’s NEW Boot Camp Canberra are all running HOT, with 20+ people at every location, and yes we have spots available on a pro rata rate at anytime.

Simply fill out the contact us section to redeem a HUGE discount on a 30 day trial of Succeed Boot Camp, above and we will be in touch ASAP to get you started!!